Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"In Waiting"

So... I have been a pretty terrible blogger over the past several months but I am going to try to do better! For the few of you that follow, I'm sorry and I will try harder!

This morning as I was reading all of my favorites, I stumbled across a stranger's blog and it touched me immensely! For the past several years, I have been waiting to see what direction my life was going to lead. Like every girl, I have always dreamed of my life as a wife and a mother and since graduating from Ole Miss, I have watched many of my friend's dreams come true! While I treasured the honor of standing beside 12 friends as they each married the man God had chosen for them, I couldn't help but ponder when my day would come. When would these beautiful ladies get to stand beside me? In fact, I think about it often. Do I know him? Will I meet him soon? Is he even out there? Maybe this is my life?!?!

After reading Amy's blog, I feel refreshed. While some days I might wonder, I am confident that God is ALWAYS working in my life even when I can't hear him or may not realize it. I take for granted how amazing my God is and how quickly he could change my life! I need to focus on His plan and not on my own! I shouldn't worry about the small things like whether I will be married by my high school reunion, or whether my children will go to Ole Miss (ha!) with all of my pregnant friend's children, or any other minimal detail that I worry and wonder over. GOD already has my life planned and He is in control!!! What a refreshing, amazing, and comforting feeling!

While I am sure that I will always wonder what's in store for the next chapter in my life, I will remain hopeful because I know He loves me and He has a beautiful life planned just for me!!

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  1. yes He does, my sweet, sweet friend, yes He does...beautiful, wonderful plans!!! I just can't wait to see it all unfold! I love you so much!