Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Officially a "Kiki"

My sister is having a baby!!! She and Ben are expecting their first child on August 2nd! We could not be more thrilled. I will share the story of how we found out with you!

Brooke came home the weekend before Thanksgiving and on Sunday, we went down to Oxford for Jack and Lucy's 1st birthday party! She wasn't feeling very well and I kept joking that she was pregnant. She kept saying, "I am NOT pregnant. I am carsick." Well, I didn't think anything else about it until Wednesday and we were out running errands. She mentioned her fatigue and she told me she had to go home early on Tuesday because she could not keep her eyes open. Sign #2!!!! I asked her if she had taken a pregnancy test. She told me she had taken a couple and each time the 2nd line was a little more clear. Well, we met Priscilla and Leigh for lunch at Firebird's and we giggled at the possibility that Brooke may be pregnant. She kept on denying it. After lunch, we ran to Target to get a few things and I stayed in the car with Piper (Brooke's puppy). When Brooke and Ali came back to the car, Brooke was shaking and she was holding her hand out. In her hand, I found a pregnancy test and it CLEARLY said, "PREGNANT". I was OVER the MOON and I could hardly contain my excitement! But, we had to keep this secret from everyone until Ben arrived the next day! It was so hard because we were just so giddy but Brooke had a special way that she wanted to tell our immediate family.
Fast forward 24 hours. Ben arrives from LA and Brooke goes alone to pick him up from the airport! She wants to share that moment alone with him. So sweet. She gives him a onesie that says, "My dad wears a kilt!" and he laughs, not fully getting it until he looks under the onesie to see the positive pregnancy test!!!

When they get home, it is finally time to tell my parents. Brooke insists on getting a "family photo" before the rest of the family arrives.. Ali is in on the surprise and offers to take the pictures. #1- I say, "Say cheese!" #2- Brooke says, "Say Happy Thanksgiving!" #3 - Ben says, "Say, Brooke's PREGNANT!" The look on my mom's face is priceless. I will get those photos to share but, needless to say, it was a wonderful day.
When the rest of the family arrived, we played "The Thankful game", a family tradition, and when it was Ben's turn, he shared his thankfulness for the new baby!
I can't wait to spoil this sweet baby and then, give it right back! I love it so much already! Please pray that everything will go wonderfully! :)