Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Diaper Cakes

In the fall of 2008, I was in charge of decorations for a baby shower we were hosting at school for my friend, Natalie. So I called on my sweet friend, Julie who is my arts and crafts buddy. She is so creative and talented and she is good at everything! We have gone to several arts and crafts fairs and we are always taking pictures and saying "Oh, we can so do that!" Thus, why I asked for her help! She made one for someone and it turned out so cute so I elicited her for support! She showed me the ropes, taught me her tricks, and ensured me that I could do it! I wasn't so sure! Anyhow, since then, I have hosted several showers and the diaper cakes are always a big hit! (P.S. They are so simple)

Here are just a couple that I have made recently:
Obviously, this is for a little girl. I made it for a shower that my mom, sister, and I hosted for our long time family friend, Leigh, who welcomed her first baby girl, Sydney Kate, in April. There are about 140 diapers in this one and ALL of them are usable. Girls seem to be so much easier for me because you can use more ribbon, flowers, bows, and girly girl stuff. Fluff, if you will!
I hope you can tell that this one is for a boy! I have only made two boy diaper cakes and I will say that they are more difficult. (at least to me) In my opinion, it is hard to make them as precious as the girls without all of the frill! I made this for my sweet friend at work, Erica, who welcomed Hudson at the end of April. The fabric on the center level is the fabric used in his nursery! I always try to use the colors in the nursery so that they can be used for decor at first if desired!!! My favorite parts about this one are the puppies, the fabric, and his name in yellow!!!
Let me know what you think! The end of the year is here and I am off all summer so if you need a centerpiece for a baby shower, I would love to help! :)

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  1. I LOOOOVE them both are so talented!!!