Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Missing my Boothe and his mama, of course!!

I have talked about him before but I am really missing my sweet Boothe and Laura Beth right now and I won't get to see them until Christmas!!!! Laura Beth, his mother, is my cousin but more importantly, she is one of my closest, dearest, bestest friends!! She got married in May to a wonderful man who is in the Navy and they moved to Hawaii in July!!! Needless to say, weekend trips are out of the question but I can't wait to go and see them in March!!!

This kid is AMAZING!!! Aside from being absolutely adorable, he is a charmer and a comedian, mischevious and all boy, loves to cuddle, and he brings joy to everyone's life he meets!!! I promise he would charm your socks off!!! I have added a few photos just to let you see a glimpse of his precious personality!!!

This is Boothe at the rehearsal dinner during speeches! They thought ahead and knew Boothe would want some of what the adults were drinking, (champagne- even though he has no idea what it is!) and they had sparkling cider for the kiddos! After every speech, he thought he was such a big guy because he could toast like us! His faces were priceless!!!
Instead of eating with a fork, Boothe wanted to stick his face in his dessert! Here is an after shot and a before shot!!! He was in a precious little suit and was told not to do it!!! You can see...he couldn't resist!!!
Look at those eyes!!!
Boothe and Scott!! How can you not love that?!?!?
He was all tuckered out from the festivities and Kiki couldn't resist the loving and cuddling!!!! I love him so.....

A sweet, precious family of 3!!!
Although they are far away from me right now, I love this happy family so very much! I wish I could visit them right now but I will be there in MARCH to celebrate LB's 30th Birthday (a little late) and I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

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