Monday, May 10, 2010

I've got a Masters Degree!!!!!

On Saturday, May 8th, I graduated from the University of Mississippi with a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction!!! It was a long, tough road but it was so worth it! I, not only, get a raise but I, also, learned many new ideas that I was able to bring back and apply in my classroom already!!! And.... I finally got to graduate in the GROVE!!!! When I was an undergrad, it rained on my graduation day so we had to move to an indoor facility. It was not as special since the Grove is just so beautiful and a special part of our university!!!
Unfortunately, my family could not be there on Saturday! My mom had knee replacement surgery, my dad was out of town, and my sister lives in LA! While I was disappointed that they weren't there to share this special day with me, I completely understood!! And... I have AMAZING friends who came to support me! Andrea, Natalee, and Jacob all showed up at 8 am on Saturday morning for breakfast and mimosas!!! Michelle, a friend of mine who also graduated, and her family came and joined us as well! We left for Oxford around 8:45! Nick and Jeremy met us in Oxford, as well!! Graduation was at 11 in the Grove and the weather was perfect!!!!
This is me walking down the Walk of Champions in the processional! I love that I am peeking around this lady's fancy do!
Walking across the stage and receiving my diploma....
This is my dear friend, Dr. Rhonda M. Reed! She was actually my master teacher during my student teaching in undergrad! Since then, we have remained just the best of friends and I am so thankful that she came to support me. She taught me sooooooooooo much about being a teacher and I wouldn't be half the teacher I am without her! She is the best teacher that I know.
Me and sweet Andrea acting silly!
We did it!!!!!!!!! Michelle and I showing off our hoods!!!!!
Me and Andrea at our beloved school! She will be finished with her Masters next year!!! YAY!!!!
After graduation, we headed to the square for some lunch! We ended up eating on the balcony at the Burgundy Room/Old Venice! I love their bellinis!!!!! It was kind of chilly but the sun was shining and I had the best time laughing with great friends!!!!
Nick, Jeremy, Me, Andrea, Natalee, and Jacob at lunch! Thank you, dear friends, for giving up your day to come and support me! You will never ever know how very much it meant to me for you to be there! A memory of that day will be in my heart always!!! Love you all!!!!
So, I am basically finished and ready for the summer! Ten days until summer vacation!!!!! YAY!


  1. Congrats on the Master's degree and welcome to blogging!!