Sunday, May 9, 2010

SUYL- My Future Children's Names

Since I was a little girl, I have dreamed of one day having a big family! My dream is that my home will one day be filled with the joy and laughter that children bring and that it will continue for the rest of my life as I journey through motherhood! While this dream has not come to fruition (yet), I have not lost hope and I know that one day I will love my job as a mother! It is the job I am most looking forward to in this life!!! On Friday, over at Kelly's Korner was SUYL- Children's Names. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to participate in this SUYL because I already have so many names picked out for my FUTURE CHILDREN!!!

When I was little, I wanted to be just like the Von Trapp family and have seven children! I thought it would be perfect!!!
This was my absolute favorite movie and I watched it just about every day of 2nd grade! I would line my babies up on the bed (all 7 of them) and name them just like the Von Trapp family in their "So Long, Farewell" number! Well, as I have gotten older, and realized a little bit more about life, I realize 7 children is probably too many so I have scaled it down a bit! Now, I hope to have, at least, 4! We will see what the future holds but these are the names I love for my firstborn:

My First Child: Ramsey Sutton (girl) or Sutton Brooks (boy)
Ramsey is a family name way down the line on my mom's paternal side and I love it for a girl!
Brooks is after my sister, Brooke.
SUTTON, which will be used on my first born, is after my maternal grandfather, my Papa. Sutton was his middle name and I have wanted to name my child this since before I can remember.

Following the first child, I have several names I just adore:
Margie Dulin- Margie is a family name and Dulin is my mother's maiden name!
Nealy Greer- Neal is my dad's middle name and I just like Greer.
Grayson Ann- Both of these are family names. Ann is my Memom's middle name and my aunt's first name and Grayson comes from the beginning of the Dulin family tree.
Jackson Graves- I just love Jackson and Graves is the last name of my grandparent's very good friends! They are a family that means a lot to us!
Hudson Cooper

These are just a few of the names I love! They change every so often in rank but I love the names in general! I might even mix them up at times too! Oh, I can't wait to name my first baby!

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