Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Break 2012

Being a teacher definitely has its perks and SPRING BREAK is one of them! I absolutely love a week off to rest and recuperate for the final home stretch of the school year. And, this year was no different! My week was jam packed full of fun and friends!!! Usually, I am itching to get away but this year was a little different because it meant leaving "my baby" for the very first time! Ouch! After school on Friday, my mom came to pick up the "granddog" for a weeklong stay with the grandparents! After Addie Rue was gone, I was non-stop preparing for my trips!!!
First on my agenda was heading to the "Shack Up Inn" in Clarksdale, Mississippi to celebrate Miss Virginia and her upcoming nuptials!!! It was a definite treat and something I recommend people trying if they are looking for a different kind of fun. On their website it says, "The Ritz, We Ain't" and I will completely have to agree. But, what it lacks in luxury, it makes up for in culture and charm. There were 9 of us divided into two houses and it was PLENTY of space!

We spent the weekend reminiscing about college and our many funny memories. Saturday was spent throwing a surprise lingerie shower for Virginia and getting fancied up for a night on the town! If you know anything about the delta, you know the "town" ain't much but we managed to have a pretty good time. We went to dinner at a local restaurant called "Rust" then made our way to Morgan Freeman's blues club, "Ground Zero". I had a great time and I am looking forward to the wedding in just a few short weeks! We left Clarksdale very early in the morning and headed back to Memphis.
(This is the only picture of the bride I managed to get all weekend! This was midday on Saturday as we were relaxing! Love this girl! So proud to call her friend)
We got back around 5 am and I rested for a couple of hours before preparing for my trip to the beach. We planned to leave around noon but I had a few things to accomplish before we left for the week! The most thing was squeezing in a reunion with my best! Originally, we thought Nick would be home sooner and then when the weeks overlapped, I was a nervous wreck that I would not get to see him at all before his return to Houston for the second round of IL2. While I only managed to squeeze in about an hour, oh, how that hour was good for my soul. I love that kid so much and I can't wait until we get to rejoice in God's faithfulness and we get that "NED" report!!!!
After my brief visit with Nick, I headed to Destin for the week. Originally, Nick was planning to go so that was the only thing negative about my trip!!! Otherwise, I enjoyed 5 marvelous days in the sun with great friends, relaxing, eating, reading, relaxing and eating some more!!!
It was nice to relax in the sunshine, reading a good book, and enjoying the company of friends! I did an awful job of taking pictures! But here are a few details from our trip!
We went to all my Destin faves including Dewey Destin's, Red Bar, Another Broken Egg, Donut Hole, Tommy Bahamas, and of course, Whataburger!!! One night, we picked up stuff for a boil and OH MY GOODNESS, IT WAS PERFECT! There is a new seafood market, Blaylock's, in Destin and if you visit, I HIGHLY recommend this place! They do all the work and you just pick it up!! We will be doing this every time we visit!!
We are shopping at the outlet mall!
We left to come home mid-day on Saturday and while I was sad to leave sunny Florida, I was so excited to get back to my girl! I was greeted with lots of kisses and snuggles. So, now, I am settling back into the routine and looking forward to summer vacation in about 9 weeks!!! I hope each of you had a wonderful spring and you are enjoying this beautiful weather! Happy 1st day of Spring!!!


  1. Thanks for telling me about the paint party at Central. I am definitely interested! It sounds fun and I would love to do something like that to support your trip! Can you email me details? Thanks again girl!

    1. Hey! What is your email address?