Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What I Love Wednesday

First, I am loving that this week has been fall break... My learning targets for this week include:

I can sleep as late as I want to in the mornings.

I can take time to enjoy an extra cup of coffee.

I can travel to desired locations with family and friends.

I can watch a movie I have been wanting to see.

I can go to lunch with girlfriends.

I can read a book for enjoyment.

I can go on a long walk and enjoy the cooler weather.

I can work on home decorating projects.

I can spend quality time with my family and friends.

I can sit quietly, feel relaxed, and thankful.


Next, I am LOVING cheering for the Southwind Jaguars and #4 as they make their way to the playoffs for the first time ever!!! Our church has a ministry where people can "Adopt a Player" and mentor students from a local high school. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to "adopt" a player because I am an employee in the school district and I am not married. However, my friend, Kelly, and her husband adopted #4, Terence! He is such a great kid! I am lucky enough to get to be his cheerleader not only in football but for his future. I know his future is bright and I am loving that I get to be a small part of it!

Also, I am LOVING that my baby sister is home for the week! Granted she has to work everyday, I am loving seeing her sweet smile! I can't wait for them to move back from California! The sooner, the better.....
A throwback!!! Awww.....
Sister time in Vegas!
Her wedding!

Another thing I am loving is that these sweet babies will be ONE on Tuesday! I can just hardly believe it! I am also loving that they will be home for almost a month in just two short weeks! Loving that Kiki will have all kinds of time to love on them and their sweet mama.
I mean.... could they be any cuter?!?!
Last, I am LOVING that I serve a God who loves me and I have thousands of pictures to look at when I miss Ethiopia and all of my babies and friends there. Being away from them is hard. When I miss somewhere here, I can pick up the phone and call and it takes some of that pain away. Things aren't that easy with my loved ones in Ethiopia and it makes my longing for them almost unbearable some days. But, I LOVE that our God is a faithful God. A God that fills that hole in my heart exactly when I need it. That hole appears from time to time and I am thankful for it because I have to draw nearer to Him so that He can fill me up. (and my pictures :) )

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  1. Yay for Fall Break. Sounds like you're soaking it up!